Monday, May 11, 2009

A phone call

I was tooling around the house tonight. Picking up loose ends and getting ready for a hectic work week. Phone often rings here, generally a call for one of my sons which I rarely answer.
I listened to the voice leaving a message.
A gentleman was leaving a message asking if I was related to Logan Charles. I picked up the phone and informed him that I was his youngest daughter. He informed me that his name was Doug Rappley and he was the Engineering Officer for the fleet of P-61 Black Widows and served with my father. He informed me that he remembers when the 550th Night Fighter Squadron was developed in Fresno. He also informed me that he, and Vic Modena (another pilot of the 550th) were landing in Hollandia Air Field in New Guinea when they learned of my father's crash on Mt Cyclops. Officer Rappley informed me they barely landed when they had to take off again to search for my father and crew members.
I will have the opportunity to meet this man on June 12th 2009 to review pictures and exchange stories.
I want to thank my mother, who is no longer living. She carefully explained each picture I have and cherished her marriage to her husband. I want to thank you Dad.


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